TOP GROUPING /EAGLE VIEW are trading companies with sincerity and ethic as our business philosophy. We provide trading service with variety of products in importing & exporting business since the establishment in 1981.


  • OEM parts – Products made by forging, casting, welding, stamping, CNC machining with or without coating

  • Pneumatic fastening tools & fasteners (nails, staples, brads, clips, C-rings, staple wire, wire band,etc.)

  • Hardware – Hand tools and parts

  • Variety of chain attachments and accessories

  • Various raw material, steel wire, sheet and bar

  • All products are made in Taiwan

KEY MARKETS: USA, Japan, Singapore, South East Asia, Hong Kong, China, etc.

We are committed to provide premium products and quality service for our customers with great reputation and total customer satisfaction. Choosing Top Grouping/ Eagle View to be your faithful and reliable business partner is the ultimate, wise decision.