Project Description


  • Grab hooks are used to shorten or hold a length of chain. The Specially designed, narrow- grabbing throat engages the chain between the links for safe, non-slip handling.
  • Slip hooks are very versatile because of their full, wide throat commonly used on chain slings. They are easily hooked up to shackle, eye or chain tied loads.

Clevis grab hook

Eye grab hook

Clevis slip hook

Eye safety slip hook (with safety latch ) – Gr.30

Clevis safety hook (with safety latch ) – Gr.40 & 70

  • Hooks should be ordered according to the size chain on which they are to be used.
  • High test hooks – Forged Carbon Steel, Heat Treated, Bright Zinc Finished for use with proof coil chain and high test chain.
  • Alloy hooks – Forged Alloy Steel, Heat Treated, Yellow Dichromate Finished for use with transport chain and alloy chain.

Caution:Do not use for overhead lifting. Working load limit must not be exceeded.